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Dream Season Media

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With a purpose driven by the dreams of bold people, we set our minds and resources to stimulate innovation and achieve transformational growth.  By establishing fundamental strategies specific to your plans we will get you where you are going.


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Who We Are


Spencer Hekathorn

Co-Founder / Brand Strategian

Spencer was found alone playing the ukulele to tourists in Hawaii.  He had no memory of his life before this, but rumors tell of an Irish shipwreck and a quest for the Shards of Blarney.

Clinton Harmon

Co-Founder / Ink Slinger

Clinton spent his youthful summers guiding people out of the barren wastes of the Gobi Desert.  Later he found this was less lucrative than selling Pokemon Cards on the black market.

Nathan Johns

Creative Director / Artistic Overloard

Nathan can often be found talking to a small glowing box, communicating with unknown entities from deep space.  There is little doubt that he is biding his time.  For what, however, remains unknown.

Lee Brennan

Business Development / Market Sherpa

Lee once was hailed as the greatest fighter in the pits of Thailand.  He grew up in the deep forests of Siberia, unaware of the outside world.  He has never told the tale of his journey to Thailand, only that it was, “The greatest time of my life!”